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You'll Never Know The True Power Of Love

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You'll Never Know The True Power Of Love Until You Learn The True Power Of Surrender!

Tommy & lolly Douthat


In the end, It's all about Love



We can only find fullness of faith when we are willing to yield our pride & our own will to the Lord. Like Jesus said in the Garden, "If it be possible, let this cup pass from Me; nevertheless not My will, but Thine be done!" (Mat.26:39) He has to have our cooperation. Submission is the first step. If we are unwilling to take that step, we won't be able to go to other steps! We have to make the decision. He'll do everything else for us--give us strength, wisdom, life & love. All that He asks is for us to commit ourselves. He likes for us to freely choose & yield to Him because we love Him.

Total love gives all! But if we give our all to Him, He gives His all to us! You can have peace & power that you've never known before--with Jesus--if you'll just let Him control your life. Have faith in God's Love & yield yourself to Him in submission & humility & let Him empower you!

I praise the power of Your Spirit. I praise You when my hands are lifted up. I praise You by calling on Your name. I praise You when I say Your name—Jesus.

I praise You by asking You to use me in spite of my weakness. Use me as I am for Your glory. Make even my faults and shortcomings magnify how great You are, because You can use a nothing like me. What greater testimony is there to show how powerful You are, Jesus, than that You can use not only me, but even the rocks and the dust to praise Your name? All Your creation proves Your existence and proclaims how great and wonderful You are.

Your love proves Your existence. Your love that stoops to save, to heal, to touch us, to forgive us, proves how great You are. It glorifies Your existence both to those who know You and to those who don't know You.

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