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What Everybody Needs Is Love

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Love they have never known before, true love, sincere love, genuine love, the truly great love of their life, the Love of all loves, from the Lover of all lovers, Who alone can satisfy the deepest yearning of every human soul for total love & complete understanding--that deep hunger in the heart of Man for his Creator!

The heart of Man is the same the World over! His longings, loves, hunger for God & His Truth, for joy & happiness & peace of mind are God created & the same in men the World over! Man will never be truly happy with a heavy heart, a troubled mind, a discouraged spirit & an unsaved soul. The human soul can never be completely satisfied with anything less than utter union with the great & loving Spirit that created it!--God Himself! Flesh can satisfy flesh, but only Spirit can satisfy spirit!

Do you want the key to every heart?--Try love! It never fails, because God is Love, & it's impossible for Him to fail! "Ah, sweet mystery of life, at last I have found thee! At last I've found the reason for it all! Ah, 'tis love & love alone the whole World yearns for!" Let's win the World with His Love!

How glorious Your mercy! How wonderful Your kindness! Your love surpasses all things. Your mercy endures forever. Your forgiveness is complete—washing my soul, cleansing me, casting away all that is dark and filthy to make me pure. And so I present myself to You—my Lord, my God, my Savior, my all—laying myself low, humbly, in submission. For I am as nothing, and You are everything.

There is no honor, glory, strength or love like Yours. What I have, I give to You. I raise my voice and my heart and my spirit to You in praise and thanksgiving and honor and gratitude and glory, giving to You all that I have, for You are worthy.

Tommy & lolly Douthat


In the end, It's all about Love

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