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The Word Of God Is A Map

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You should no more try to find your own way through life than you should try to take a long trip without a map.


While traveling along a road, you can only see what's around you moment by moment. But if you'll look at the map & have faith in it, you can also see where the road came from, regardless of where you started out yourself. And even if you've never been to your final destination or traveled that road before, you can know where the road is going, where it's supposed to end. But if you don't take time to study the map you could waste an awful lot of time or maybe even ruin your chances of getting to your destination at all!


Just as you must look at the map, believe it's true & follow it to get where you're going, if you will take God's Word, believe that it is for you, read it & follow it, you'll come out at Heaven!--Absolutely! Without fail!


Just follow the Map Book & you'll know where you're going. God can see it all! And He not only knows where you are right now, & where you came from, your past, but He knows where you're going!--Do you? -- You can!


Thank You, Jesus, for how Your love is manifested in our lives in innumerable ways. You know we have our daily battles and our ups and downs, and life doesn't always run smoothly for us.


Life is full of lessons to learn and there is progress to be made, but You're trying to teach us to be fighters and to go to You and Your Word for the answers and direction we need. Still, the struggles we face are nothing compared with those endured by all those poor people who don't know You.

Thank You that my life is rich and full and satisfying, and that I don't have to turn to drink or drugs or money to find joy and satisfaction. Thank You, thank You a million times, for how You hold me in Your hands and take care of me every single day.


Tommy & lolly Douthat


In the end, It's all about Love

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