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The PCG fellowship exists as 1,100+ churches in the United States as the Pentecostal Church of God. The international headquarters, located in Joplin, Missouri, is at the hub of worldwide ministries. They believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God, and is man's only safe and sure rule of conduct and faith. They believe every Christian has a responsibility to present the Bible to the world through a Christ-centered life, and their teaching ministries are founded on this principle. Their worship is evangelistic, Bible-centered and distinctly Pentecostal.


They present Jesus Christ as God's answer to the problem of sin. They know God's power is available to meet every need of mankind, and they preach and teach the entire Gospel with conviction and sincerity. You will find a rich variety in their services, for they consciously seek to follow Bible patterns in our worship. Jesus Christ is always presented as Lord and Master. The Holy Spirit is given freedom to order worship as He sees fit.



MissionsThe Pentecostal Church of God reaches around the world. Every department and ministry relates in some way to global evangelization. Leaders and personnel at the international headquarters regularly pray, "Lord of the Harvest, send forth laborers into Your harvest!"


World Missions.


The sun never sets on the Pentecostal Church of God. Outside the United States over 4,300 churches and ministry outstations have been established, with more than 513,000 constituents in 56 different countries. Twenty-seven Bible schools and 40 training centers provide valuable ministry education for national pastors/evangelists and 43 day schools provide schooling for approximately 3,000 children. Presently, the Department of World Missions has 33 full-time missionaries on foreign soil. Area supervisors work with the director to ensure results in regions such as Mexico, Europe/Russia, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean.


The World Missions' theme, "Committed to the Harvest," is expressed in monthly articles and updates in The Pentecostal Messenger and the director's newsletter. The Missionary Voice publishes missionary stories and information three times annually. New opportunities are constantly available to assist in fulfilling the Great Commission. His mission is our mission.



Indian Missions. Pentecostal Church of God ministry to the American Indians is growing rapidly, reaching across the United States from Alaska to Mississippi and from Minnesota to Northern California and into Washington. We present the Gospel to more than 100 tribes.


Churches are being regularly planted, adding to the existing 60 fully-established churches and missions, each staffed by a qualified missionary. From these we minister to more than 40 outstations, many of which will become strong churches. Ministry to the Sioux, one of America's most threatened tribes, is among our most vital current outreaches, targeting 35,000 First Americans in Montana, and North and South Dakota. Doors have now opened for ministry to 19 Pueblo tribes of northern New Mexico. The School of Christ training program is now being taught in 45 of our Indian churches, preparing these people to reach their own with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



Home Missions. While Home Missions has been a part of the Pentecostal Church of God since its inception in 1919, a new department was established in 1981 to bring together a variety of ministries under the guidance of national leadership. Included in this ministry are the expanding ethnic ministries which constitute the fastest-growing part of our American outreach. The inner city works have spawned a new national outreach to the homeless and needy, which now coordinates programs across the nation reaching thousands of the underprivileged in Christian love and concern. Home Missions also aids in training missionaries for church planting and the establishment of new churches in target cities.






Youth Ministries.The youth of our churches join together with other students from around the nation and world in an exciting variety of special activities and programs. Youth camps are conducted in most states for children and teens. Young married ministries are reaching increasing numbers of youth, as are the singles ministries. Young people compete in Bible quizzing at the district, regional and national levels. Teen Talent Expo is an exciting forum for encouraging and recognizing outstanding talent in a wide variety of fields. Annual mission's trips are sponsored, introducing youth to what God is doing in home, Indian and foreign missions. The Christian Pathlighter camping program has been a proven door for training and guiding children and teens.


Children's Ministries is now a part of the National Youth Ministries outreach and promises to bring much new growth and excitement to the churches of the PCG.



Women's Ministries. Ladies of the Pentecostal Church of God enjoy a corporate ministry which reaches into every area of the church through related district, national and international ministries. Groups formed in the local church have a primary interest in undergirding the spiritual foundation of their believers with prayer and Bible study-reaching beyond that with assistance in fund-raising for special projects and administering the social functions of the church.


Working in cooperation with the national and district women's ministries, our women's services literally reach around the world through provision of equipment and educational materials for missionary training centers. In the United States, major attention is directed to the support of Messenger College, for which they provide subsidies, scholarships and special helps to students, as well as funding general cosmetic maintenance of the facilities.

 The Pentecostal Church of God enjoys a thriving ministry of Discipleship Ministries, under the oversight of the national Department of Discipleship Ministries (formerly Christian Education). Local, district and national conferences and training events help local churches and teachers to reach the highest potential for communicating the Word of God. Sound Sunday school and training literature is offered as a service to churches and teachers.

Discipleship Ministries.



Men's Ministries: Kings Men Fellowship. This ministry offers a fellowship and activities program for men, centered on Christian brotherhood and shared service.



Senior Christian Fellowship. SCF provides spiritual and social help for this rapidly-growing segment of our nation's population.



Military Chaplaincy. The Pentecostal Church of God presently has ten active duty chaplains ministering to the men and women in the military. Not only this, the PCG has three reservist chaplains, a Civil Air Patrol Chaplain, a Veterans Administration Chaplain and ten chaplaincy candidates in seminary.



Higher Education  



Messenger College. Messenger College in Joplin, Missouri, is the national college of the Pentecostal Church of God. A Christian college with programs to serve many people, the institution is accredited and eligible for all federal student aid programs. Degrees are offered in ministry, biblical studies, education, music and business. Visit the Messenger College website by clicking here.



AffiliationsThe Pentecostal Church of God is in full fellowship with the National Association of Evangelicals, the THE PENTECOSTAL WORLD CONFERENCE and the THE PENTECOSTAL CHARISMATIC FELLOWSHIP OF NORTH AMERICA. It supports the ministries of the American Bible Society and other interdenominational and parachurch ministries.



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