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The Most Important Job You Have Is Listening To The King

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It's not up to the king to try to go chasing His subjects around, screaming & hollering at them to try to get them to do what He wants. He isn't going to go chasing you around trying to beat you over the head with a Bible to get you to listen! But you must come to Him with quietness & respect, & sincerely & in trembling present your petition, & wait silently to get the answer.
If you're in a room full of people & the TV is on, if they keep raising their voices & drowning out the TV, no matter how loud the volume is, you won't get what it has to say. And the Lord, unlike the TV, will just shut up if you don't listen! When Israel stopped listening & ceased to believe what God had to say & quit doing what He commanded, He just stopped talking to them for nearly three hundred years between the Testaments! God does not like to talk to either deaf, unbelieving or unheeding ears! So He just shuts up!
But if you seek the Lord, you will hear from the Lord & be led of the Lord. He says, "Call unto Me, & I will answer thee, & show thee great & mighty things, which thou knowest not!" (Jer.33:3)
Thank You for making me the new creature that You want me to be. Thank You that my old self is passing away and the new me is increasing—becoming more like You.
Thank You that I can look to You. Thank You for the bright light shining ahead that I can follow step by step, by faith. Help me to follow closely, Jesus. Thank You that You make it easy for me to do that. It's all You, Jesus, and it's nothing of me.
Thank You for helping me make the right choice to hang on to You, to live for You.
Tommy & lolly Douthat


In the end, It's all about Love




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