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Richard C Halverson, Chaplain of the U S Senate on Morality

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 Richard C Halverson

Chaplain of the U S Senate on Morality



"Abandoning an absolute ethical/moral standard leads irresistibly to the absence of ethics and morality.  Each person determines his own ethical/moral code.  That's anarchy.  Evil becomes good - good becomes evil.  Upside down morality!  Good is ridiculed! Evil is dignified!"


This is exactly what happened in the Garden of Eden with Adam & Eve. They wanted to be a god.  They disobeyed the Lawgiver, thinking they knew best what was good for themselves. God was disobeyed, and man was thrown out of paradise because of that disobedience.  Today man still thinks he knows what is best for himself, and evil & crime & death still abounds. Humans have abandoned paradise for a miserable anarchy. Apparently we never do learn!

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