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Praying With Scripture

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PRAYING WITH SCRIPTURE (Contemplative Method)

  - adapted by Philip St. Romain from a variety of sources -


A. Select a short passage that you will use for prayer.


B. Settle in by sitting straight (on tailbone, spine erect).

Notice sensations in your body, sounds around you, the manner of

your breathing.  Call to mind that God is present in and amidst all

of this.


C. Read the passage aloud slowly, prayerfully.  Let the words make

their own impact, and voice whatever they awaken in your mind and

heart to God.


- proceed to Step E if you already feel yourself coming to

contemplative silence -


D. Read the passage a second time silently.  Again, voice whatever

is awakened to God, or acknowledge before God in your heart.  Let

this be a spontaneous conversation which includes your questions,

intellectual reflections, petitions, resolutions, and so forth.


E. Read the passage a third time.  If there is a word or phrase

that sums up this passage, or that speaks to you in a special way,

repeat it in your mind prayerfully.  Let it express your

willingness to allow God to be God in your life.


F. Allow yourself to simply be present to God in loving silence,

aware of God's unfailing Presence to you in love.  When

distractions come which capture your attention, re-introduce the

sacred word from Step E.  Continue with this resting until your

prayer time is over.


G. Close your prayer time with a sincere vocal recitation of the

Lord's prayer, putting your whole being into the words.

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