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Operation Renewed Hope

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Operation Renewed Hope http://www.operationrenewedhope.org/ is a medical mission agency dedicated to the following mission statement:

  1. The salvation of all men through faith in Christ.
  2. The relief of suffering of all men regardless of their beliefs or nationality.
  3. The sending of part-time and full-time medical missionaries. The agency began in 1992 and is supported by individual and church funds.


ORH conducts evangelistic medical clinics around the world working through Biblically-based missionaries. From these clinics, ORH leaves established local churches for the continued care of the people.


ORH acquires, warehouses, and ships thousands of pounds of medical equipment to hospitals in need. Over the years, ORH has shipped to over twenty nations.


ORH recruits and trains teens and adults to participate in the evangelistic medical clinics. The training is rigorous and instructive. The boot camp students receive instructions in jungle survival, medical care, and medical assistance.

ORH offers help to the sick outside of the United States through medical resources found in the United States. Recently, a 1 year old received corrective surgery for a desperate heart condition.


ORH also supports Homes of Hope. These homes are conducted by nationals and missionaries and must meet the regulations set forth by ORH. The homes generally are under-supported and in difficult regions of the world. ORH salutes these selfless people who seek in the purest fashion to help children in greatest need.


Operation Renewed Hope plans to begin a program of instruction for medical missionary training. This program will take the student through an Associate in Nursing and add two years of training in the needs of remote medical work.


ORH conducts relief work in disaster areas. After hurricane Katrina, ORH brought food, water, and restoration teams to thousands. Hurricane Mitch and the Tsunami of 2004 were met with major efforts by those of the ORH team.


Current nations of interest for ORH are Cambodia, Uganda, Guyana, Honduras, Sudan, Mexico, Indonesia, and India. These nations are targeted for conducting remote medical clinics. Other nations in which ORH has worked are Russia, Panama, Mali, Romania, Bosnia, and many others.


The goal is simple. ORH seeks to help every person that can possibly be helped requiring no religious test for help. The help is distributed equally regardless of race, nationality, or creed. That is what Jesus would do.




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