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Neither Shall They Learn War Any More

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One of these days very soon, the King of kings is going to come back to claim His Kingdom! "And He shall judge among the nations, & shall rebuke many people: And they shall beat their swords into plowshares, & their spears into pruninghooks." (Isa.2:4) There will be complete disarmament at last! -- The World's first real genuine & lasting disarmament, beating their weapons into instruments of peace!

At last there will be peace on Earth which shall never end under the reign of Jesus Christ, the Son of God & Prince of Peace Himself! Today's wicked & vengeful men of war will be stopped at last! There'll be no more big powers & oppressed poor! No more corruption, vice, crime or crooked politicians! He's going to stop all their war business, He's going to break the arrows & the swords & the bows (Psa.46:9), & all those planes & tanks & missiles are going to be burned up! Thank God!

Then & only then, under the supreme & powerful rule & reign of the God of Peace & the Prince of Peace & the men of Peace, will all wars finally cease & the World at last be governed fairly & well with true justice, liberty, peace, plenty & happiness for all! Hallelujah! -- What a Day that will be!


How I love You, my Beloved, My Lord, my Liege, my King!

Lead and guide me, of Your glories I do sing.

My Beloved, I will seek You—my Lord, my all in all.

My Beloved, how I want You; to You I yield my all.

My Beloved, I kneel before You, in humble serenity.

I am at Your beck and call now; You are more than life to me.

My Beloved, how I need You; I lay my head upon Your breast.

How I need Your arms around me! In You I will take my rest.


Tommy & lolly Douthat


In the end, It's all about Love

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