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Mystery Hill

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 The Riddle of Mystery Hill and Man-Made Mountains



You've heard of Stonehenge in England. But did you know that there are similar configurations outside England, including throughout the northeast United States? In New Hampshire there is a place called Mystery Hill covering about twenty acres where large stones have been arranged in a strange pattern. Some of the stones are built up to make odd rooms and passages. It is speculated that Mystery Hill, and other sites like it, were once places of pagan worship and astronomical ceremony. Ancient words have been found inscribed on its stones. One translation of the inscription reads, "To Baal of the Canaanites, this in dedication."

The pyramid-shaped temples of some Native American tribes were not unique to their times. Ancient Babylon and even more ancient Sumeria are just two cultures who built these tiered ziggurats to worship their pagan gods. These massive buildings were constructed of mud bricks forming multiple stories, with a great, steep staircase leading to the top. In fact, ziggurat is the Assyrian world for "mountain top." You are probably already familiar with one famous (or infamous) ziggurat-type building: the Tower of Babel.


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