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Lyndon B Johnson Inaugural Address, January 20, 1965

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 Lyndon B Johnson Inaugural Address

 January 20, 1965



My fellow countrymen:  On this occasion, the oath I have taken before you and before God, is not mine alone, but ours together. We are one nation and one people.   Our fate as a nation and our future as a people rest not upon one citizen but upon all citizens...


Our nation's course is abundantly clear.  We aspire to nothing that belongs to others. We seek no dominion over our fellow man, but man's dominion over tyranny and misery...


Under this covenant of justice, liberty and union, we have become a nation;  prosperous, great and might.  And we have kept our freedom...But we have no promise from God that our greatness will endure...


If we fail now, then we will have forgotten in abundance what we learned in hardships;  that democracy rests on faith, that freedom asks more than it gives, and the judgment of God is harshest on those who are the most favored...


To these trusted public servants and to my family, and those close friends of mine who have followed me down a long winding road, and to all the people of this union and the world - I will repeat today what I said on that sorrowful day in November last year:  I will lead and I will do the best I can.


For myself, I ask only in the words of an ancient leader:  "Give me now wisdom and knowledge that I may go out and come in before this people;  for who can judge this, Thy people, that is so great." [2 Chronicles 1:10]

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