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LOLCAT Bible Translation Project

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The following is from WikipediaThe LOLCat Bible Translation Project



The LOLCat Bible Translation Project is a wiki-based website set up in July 2007 by Martin Grondin, where editors aim to translate the entire bible into "lolspeak", the pidgin popularized by the lolcat internet phenomenon.[1] As with any wiki, the project relies on its contributors to translate passages. As of January 2008, approximately 35% of the text has been translated, and Grondin has stated that he hopes the entire new testament will be complete by the end of 2008.[2]


The style of writing employed by translators varies, but the most devoted contributors have been described as those who utilize as many gags and themes used in the different lolcat images. Certain words and phrases have a common equivalent used; God, for instance, is portrayed as "Ceiling Cat".[2]


The project has been praised by Ben Huh, the owner of the website icanhascheezburger.com which popularized lolcats,[3] who stated that the LOLCat Bible has inspired other religious texts to be translated into the pidgin, such as the Koran, and that it has made clear that "the ability to publish is now open to anyone".[2]



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