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John Winthrop on Covenant

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 Pilgrim John Winthrop on Covenant & Christian Life


I desire to make it one of my chief petitions to have that grace to be poor in spirit.  I will ever walk humby before my God, and meekly, mildly, and gently toward all men....I do resolve first to give myself - my life, my wits, my health, my wealth - to the service of my God and Saviour who, by giving Himself for me and to me, deserves whatsoever I am or can be, to be at His commandment and for His glory.


Oh Lord...Thou assurest my heart that I am in a right course, even the narrow way that leads to heaven.  Thou tellest me, and all experience tells me, that in this way there is least company, and that those who do walk openly in this way shall be despised, pointed at, hated by the world, made a byword, reviled, slandered, rebuked, made a gazing stock, called Puritans, nice fools, hypocrites, hare-brained fellows, rash, indiscreet, vainglorious, and all that naught is.  Yet...teach me, O Lord, to put my trust in Thee, then shall I be like Mount Sion that cannot be moved.


Before the week was gone about, I began to lose my former affections.  I upheld the outward duties, but the power and life of them was in a manner gone...And still, the more I prayed and meditated, the worse I grew - the more dull, unbelieving, vain in heart, etc., so as I waxed exceedingly discontent and impatient, being sometimes ready to fret and storm against God, because I found not that blessing upon my prayers and other means that I did expect.  But, O Lord, forgive me!  Searching my heart at last, I found the world had stolen away my love for my God....Then I acknowledged my unfaithfulness and pride of heart, and turned again to my God, and humbled my soul before Him, and He returned and accepted me, and so I renewed my Covenant of walking with my God, and watching my heart and ways.  O my God, forsake me not.

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