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Ideas for using The Wiki Bible

Page history last edited by Doc Burkhart 13 years, 5 months ago

The following is a list of just some of the ways that you can use The Wiki Bible Project to assist you in your personal ministry, the outreach of your church, and your daily walk with God:


-Create a profile about your church, with links to your church's home page.

-Post your weekly Sunday School or Bible Study lessons for your class to review BEFORE time.

-Begin a topical study, and ask friends to assist you in adding their own thoughts and comments.

-Spotlight a missionary working on the field, and include ways that others can assist in support and prayer.

-Create a memorial page for a believer who has gone on to be with the Lord (completely FREE).

-Post a verse for personal study, and invite others to add their thoughts.

-Start a fan page for your favorite Christian group, artist or radio station.

-Create a devotional series, with links to Scriptures, maps, and studies that you have already posted online.

-Upload a YouTube video of your church service or specialized study.

-Develop a page for podcasts of your sermons or radio broadcasts.

-Share your knowledge and experience to create 'How To' pages, such as "How To Start a Bible Study" or "How To Start a Kid's Club".

-Start a "Top Ten" list of your favorite Bible items, Christian life experiences, etc., such as Top Ten Tips for Year End Donations



If you have any thoughts or ideas about how The Wiki Bible can be used, please email the Wiki Bible's creator by visiting our FrontPage . 


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