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How To Donate To The Wiki Bible Project

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Maintaining a site with the scope and vision of The Wiki Bible Project costs money.  We want to be able to add new features and functionality as the site grows with new content and new users, making the site more effective.


There are two ways that you can help.  First of all, you could click any of the ad links you see in the sidebar to the right.  This doesn't pay for much, but it does help in a small way.  We also try to target the ads to meet the ever-changing moods and interests of our readers and contributors.


Secondly, you can donate to The Wiki Bible Project by clicking the link that says DONATE at the top of the sidebar to the right.  By donating, you are helping us to acquire more server space and more tools to serve our readers and contributors.


Since this is a ministry outreach, I would ask that you prayerfully consider giving on a monthly basis of any amount to assist with the ongoing costs of growth and development.  If you feel that The Wiki Bible Project serves a unique role to the Body of Christ, and serves as a witness to a lost and dying world, then please, your help is appreciated.




Doc Burkhart

Founder and Creator

The Wiki Bible Project

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