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Help Save More Souls Through Written Testimonies

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Christian management expert, Donald W. Mitchell, announces the publication of 'Adventures of an Optimist' which details in Chapter 12 ways that Christians can be more active and effective in sharing their faith with nonbelievers. The reported methods are broadly used for Christ's Great Commission by the winners of a global contest that Mitchell sponsored in 2006 and 2007 to give a Christmas gift to God. These methods are now being used around the world to help bring thousands of people each week to faith in Jesus Christ. These methods are working particularly well in Muslim countries and where people have not received Christian testimonies before. Through publication of the book, Mitchell hopes to inspire others to employ these methods so that the Holy Spirit will have more ways to use their lives to help bring new Christians to the faith.


Here's an example from the book. Many Christians aren't sure how to testify about their faith. Jubilee Worship Center in Hobart, Indiana addressed that problem by encouraging church members to write their testimonies. After this experience, church members knew what to say to those who don't yet know the Lord. The church took some testimonies and put them into single sheet handouts. All of the testimonies were also put into a book, 'True Life Stories,' that members give to those they meet. Having a book to share made these Christians bolder in sharing their faith, and non-Christians became more interested in learning about these people and their faith. Those who read the book are stunned to see how much good God has done in the lives of one congregation.


The Indiana testimonies have been used by pastors around the world to demonstrate the benefits of Christian faith to unbelievers. Presented by evangelical Christians, the testimonies are powerful evidence that Christ is alive and helping people today. With low costs in many countries to print such materials, many pastors report a harvest of new souls at very small expense. As a result, Christians in the United States can hope to provide testimonies and funds for distributing those testimonies that can help thousands come to belief in and acceptance of Jesus Christ as their Savior.


Other methods described in the book include the role of low-cost radio, entertainment, fellowship, and fund- raising to show Christians how to act to increase God's harvest of souls.



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