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George Bush the Beast

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 Who’s Got the Number—Of the Beast, that is?



Gary DeMar


The latest in end-time stupidity is the claim that George Bush—without the middle initials it’s hard to tell if it’s the father or son—is the “antichrist” of Revelation 13. Following the Hebrew numbering system, the author of the article comes up with the following Gematria:


G = 3 (gimel)

e = 5 (heh)

o = 70 (ayin)

r = 200 (resh)

g = 3 (gimel)

e = 5 (heh)

B = 2 (beth)

u = 70 (ayin)

s = 300 (shin)

h = 8 (cheth)

total = 666 (Antichrist)1


The author then issues this challenge: “I would challenge anyone to find another powerful world leader, either now or in the past, whose name adds up to 666 in Hebrew. Unlike Hebrew, the letters of the English alphabet don't automatically have a numeric value. But the way numerologists convert the names into numbers is through a simple numerical code.” Of course, the answer to this is quite easy: Nero Caesar.2


Let’s take a look at his raw data. Greek and Hebrew letters double as numbers.3 Unlike Greek, however, Hebrew does not have vowels. All the letters are consonants, although some of them do have our vowel sounds like “o” and “u.” There is no soft “G” of “J” sound in Hebrew. The Hebrew letter gimel is a hard “G” sound. “E” is a vowel and has no Hebrew letter equivalent. The author of the above Gematria gives it an “h” sound.


This is arbitrary. Notice that he gives the letter “o” in George a value of 70 by linking it with ayin but also gives the “u” in Bush the same value. He then makes the “sh” blend two letters with two numerical values. But in Hebrew, there is a single letter (shin) that carries the “sh” sound. Then he makes the “h” sound a hard “c” sound. Why didn’t he pick the Hebrew letter hei, which has a numerical value of 5, for the “h”?

The author of this nonsense has another problem. Revelation never uses the term “antichrist” to describe the Beasts of Revelation 13. Then there is the issue of the time texts. The events of Revelation were to take place “shortly” (1:1) or the “time is near” (1:3), that is, near for those who first read the book.



2 Gary DeMar, “The Mark of the Beast—666 or 616?” www.americanvision.com/articlearchive/05-10-05.asp

3 Here’s a helpful chart: www.inner.org/gematria/gemchart.htm



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