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Building an interactive community dedicated to the study of The Scriptures 

The latest news on The Wiki Bible Project

How To Donate To The Wiki Bible Project 

History of The Wiki Bible Project 


The goal of this project is to provide a forum for the examination and discussion of 'The Holy Bible'.  If you are new to 'wiki' environments or 'Web 2.0' applications, our methodology to this project is very simple:  YOU.  We are looking for Bible scholars, teachers, preachers, pastors, evangelists, prophets, and yes, just ordinary people to help us create a vast online resource of Scriptural knowledge and applications.


In these pages, you will find profiles of faithful men and women, audios of inspirational messages, videos of influential teaching, as well as in-depth studies of specific Bible verses and concepts.  All of this content will be organically developed from men and women of God serving both in the pulpit and the pew.  It will be developed by YOU.  Here are some IDEAS for using The Wiki Bible Project.


Since the Body of Christ is a diverse group, it can be expected that there will also be a diversity of opinion and review with this project.  This project does not develop from a particular denomination, fellowship or persuasion of faith.  In fact, in a 'multitude of counselors, there is strength'.  We want interactions from differing belief structures, as to allow open fellowship to all who claim to be Followers of Christ.  As such, it may be a good idea to take a look at The Basics of The Wiki Bible Project.


Your participation is encouraged and welcome!  We are currently seeking writers and editors, so if you are interested in building an authoritative and reliable source for online Christian information, let us know!


Doc Burkhart - The Wiki Bible Project

The 100 Goals

The latest news on The Wiki Bible Project 

How To Donate To The Wiki Bible Project 

History of The Wiki Bible Project


**Want to be a contributor on The Wiki Bible?  Contact me HERE:  Link To Contact Page 









































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