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Don't Trade The Best For Something Simply Good

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Are you really accomplishing God's highest & greatest purpose that He has in store for you? A lot of people try to get away with what they call "God's second best." They desert God's highest calling because they aren't willing to pay the price!

But don't talk about God's best & His second best! As far as the Will of God is concerned, there's only one best, that's His best, His first best, His first choice, the "high calling of God in Christ!" (Phi.3:14) If you take second choice, it's not really His second best, it's your best!

What is sin?--Not really doing the most important thing God wants you to do. It's missing the mark, missing the target, missing the bull's-eye of His Will. So "let us lay aside the weights & the sins"--anything that keeps you from doing God's highest & His best, that keeps you from being in the center of His Will. (Heb.12:1)

Lord, bless & keep us all in the center of Your Will where we can be of most use to You! Keep us single-minded & single-eyed, single-hearted, of one heart! We have no idea how great Thy purpose is, but we've answered Your call, Lord! Do help us to do Your best--the best we can & nothing less!

Thank You for loving me. I'm so unworthy, but You love me anyhow, in spite of all my faults and failures and shortcomings. You love me no matter how many times I've missed the mark. Such love! Such sweet, precious, priceless love. Thank You for holding me. Even when I feel weak and am tempted to let go, You hold me anyhow with such understanding and compassion, as You take my head and lay it on Your breast and tell me just to rest. You are so warm and tender.

Thank You that even when I don't have the words to express the inner thoughts that are deep in my heart, it doesn't matter to You. I don't have to always say it in words. Thank You that I can rest assured that You understand. As we hold sweet communion, I rest assured that You understand the deepest burdens of my heart, the deepest longings of my soul. You understand it all, You know, and the best part is that You love me anyway. You truly care.

Tommy & lolly Douthat


In the end, It's all about Love

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