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Don't Let Others Drag You Down To Their Level

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A good leader has two important characteristics: First, he is going somewhere. Second, he is able to persuade others to go with him!

A true leader knows what he believes & acts upon it, no matter what others say! What he must do, & not what people think, is all that concerns him. He stands his ground when all else fails & all others desert! You cannot dissuade him! You cannot divert him! He'll go on, with you or without you, or right over you, if necessary! He's faithful to God's Message; he's faithful to God's method; he's faithful to the Word; he's faithful to the Voice of God; he's faithful to the particular ministry God has called him to; he's loyal!

A real leader will keep on course & try to keep others on course in the direction he's going & pull them his way. A leader who tends to be pulled other ways by followers, who can't buck the tide, is not much of a leader!

A genuine leader must be an influence on others for good, to lead & guide them & teach them & try to pull them the right direction, away from their weaknesses!--Are you such a leader?

You are my very life, my breath, the joy of my heart. You put the twinkle in my eye, the sparkle in my smile, a song on my lips as I sing to You. I sing because You make me happy, I sing because I'm free! I sing to You, my King and Lord. All glory and praise be Yours.

I run to You. I cling to You. You are my greatest desire.

Tommy & lolly Douthat


In the end, It's all about Love


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