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Cain and Abel

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Adam and Eve knew they had done wrong when they disobeyed the Lord. God had sent them away from the beautiful Garden of Eden. No longer were they able to walk and talk with God face to face. However, they did have the privilege to speak to the Lord through prayer. Life in their new surroundings was also harder than it was in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve now had to work in the fields to grow the food for them to eat.


God still loved Adam and Eve. He blessed them with a baby boy whom they named Cain. Later, God gave them another little boy whom they named Abel.



Cain and his brother Abel grew up like other little boys. Their parents taught them about God and taught them to love and respect Him. As the boys grew up together, they began to have an interest in different things. Abel liked to care for the animals and became a shepherd. Cain liked to plant and grow crops.


Cain and Abel were commanded to make offerings to the Lord. These offerings, or sacrifices would be offered on an altar built of stone or earth. On top of the altar, they would place wood. Then, they would lay their offering on top of the wood and kill it as a sacrifice. Then, they set fire to the wood, and the offering was burned.


One day, as God had commanded, Abel brought the first lamb born to one of his sheep as an offering. He killed and burned it on the altar as a gift or sacrifice to the Lord. God saw that Abel was sincere and obedient. He was pleased with his offering. Cain brought some of the crops he had harvested and gave these as an offering to the Lord. God was not pleased with Cain's offering. This made Cain very angry and his face was downcast.


God did not reject Cain even though his offering was unacceptable. He asked Cain, "Why are you angry? Why is your face downcast?" God warned Cain about the dangerous path he was following. He said, "Do not let sin take over your life. You must overcome it."


The words God spoke made Cain even angrier. Again, the Lord warned Cain that his anger would lead to great sin. However, Cain would not listen to God's counsel. Because God was pleased with Abel and his offerings, Cain's jealousy for Abel, and all of his flocks, grew,

Later, when the brothers were alone in the field, Cain attacked Abel and killed him. God was watching and knew what Cain had done.

 He asked Cain, "Where is your brother, Abel?"

"I do not know," Cain replied. "Am I my brothers keeper?"


God answered, "What have you done? Your brother's blood is calling to Me from the ground. You have sinned and must be punished." As part of Cain's punishment God told him, "If you try to grow crops, the soil will not produce. You will wander the land with no place to call home."


Cain said, "This is more punishment than I can bear.  Whoever finds me will kill me as I wander from place to place."

Even though God had to punish Cain for his sin, He would still love and care for him. God replied, "I will place a mark on you. This will protect you, and people will know that they are not to do you harm."


Then, the Lord placed a mark on Cain so that anyone who found him would know not to kill him. Cain left the place where he had spoken to the Lord and settled into a land called Nod. This land was east of Eden. Here, Cain began to have a family separate from Adam.


Even after this tragedy with Cain and Abel, Adam and Eve had another son. They named him Seth. Adam said, "God has granted me another child in place of Abel, since Cain killed him." As Seth grew older, he began to worship the Lord. He married and had children. Soon, many people lived on the earth.

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